Frequently Asked Questions

Schools desired to seek assistance     
Q. How will we be benefited?
A. Assistance will be provided by us towards setting up of computer center, computer hardware and software, and teachers to train.
Q. What will be our responsibility?
A. Your responsibility will be for the safety and security of the infrastructure provided by us.
Q. What will be our liability?
A. Your liability will be to bear the maintenance of the infrastructure provided by us.
Q. What are conditions for qualifying?
A. The school has to be approved and provide evidence of needy students those are to be trained on computer usage and practice.
Q. Is there any examination system?
A. Yes, we have examination system and passed students will be given certificate by us.
Q. How to apply for assistance?
A. Do send us e-mail at info@kolkatasahajpaath.org with all details. We shall contact back to you.
Individual/Organization  intending to volunteer
Q. What the qualifications required?
A. You could render professional or  physical or financial assistance    
Q. What sort of professional skill is required?
A. You need have IT skill to train up the students or advice the trainers.
Q. What is time factor that I need to spend?
A. It is upto you as to what sort of time you can afford.
Q. How can I/We offer financial assistance?
Donation can be deposited to our bank. All donation are exempted under section 80G(5)(VI of IT Act 1961. FCRA processing is underway. For further details, please write us or mail us at info@kolkatasahajpaath.org.

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